Theme for 2019


2019 is the International Year of Indigenous Languages. Respectfully, the theme of the Quandamooka Festival 2019 is Jandai Wuluara, Ngaliya Wulara ‘Jandai Lingo, Our Lingo’.

“The Quandamooka Festival theme for 2019 is “language” – respecting The United Nations’ International Year of Indigenous Languages dedicated to raising awareness about languages of Indigenous peoples all over the world. The ‘Jandai’ language of the Quandamooka peoples freely shared and recorded in the 1800s is revitalised through festival programs. Our Queensland winter festival showcases events, performances, and cultural activities to support a continuous living language. Quandamooka Festival events will enrich visitors’ experiences of the Quandamooka Coast and celebrate shared environments of this beautiful region.” Aunty Sandra Delaney, QYAC.

Highlights of this year’s festival include the official Yura (Welcome) event, Yura Yalingbila Yalingbila (Welcome the Whales) at Mooloomba (Point Lookout), a traditional Aboriginal celebration which welcomes the whales migrating through Quandamooka waters and past the lands, Buwangan (Dolphin) Day, Winnam (Wynnum) Kunjeil and Kunjeil closing event on Minjerribah.

The festival invites all to visit, experience and celebrate Quandamooka Country, culture and people.

Visit Quandamooka Festival Facebook page or this website for program updates and announcements.