Quandamooka People

Traditional Custodians

The Quandamooka Peoples are the Traditional Custodians of the Quandamooka Estate. We have lived on Minjerribah (North Stradbroke Island) for millennia. Our Traditional Estate – Quandamooka, the waters and islands of Central and Southern Moreton Bay and the coastal land and streams between the Brisbane and Logan Rivers, gave life to us in a time beyond memory. The Nughi of Mulgumpin, also known as Moreton Island, and the Nunukul and Gorenpul are the three clans which make up the people of Quandamooka, the Peoples of the sand and sea.

In 2011 the Federal Court determined that the Quandamooka people are the traditional custodians of Minjerribah, Peel Island and the waters to the west of the island. In 2019, native title was also granted for Mulgumpin (Moreton Island). The Quandmaooka people have the right to live and conduct traditional ceremonies; take, use, share and exchange traditional natural resources; conduct burial rites, teach about the physical and spiritual attributes of the area; and maintain places of importance and areas of significance.